Chinese Altar Tables
This elegant chinese altar table was designed with a rectangular top and four slender legs. The
crest rail is decorated with a pattern of scrolling bamboo and is carved into geometric shapes.
There are two ends that are open, indicating a pierced design Jin Paper Malaysia. The Chinese temples of this era
also used tables with this design. The carvings were so intricate that they were coveted by
Chinese altar table – Shacklady's Antiques
A Chinese altar table is made from rosewood and is decorated with ornamentation and antique
hardware. The leg of the table is square with a deep skirt and has double drawers. The top is
made of single plank wood. Originally, the altar table was used as a temple. Its beauty stems
from its elegant design and craftsmanship. It is a traditional piece of furniture that is sure to last a

Decorate Your Home With a Chinese Table
The Chinese altar table can be used for religious purposes. It can be adorned with Buddhist
images or a sandstone altar, or a Taoist image. Aside from the traditional function of a Chinese
altar table, it can be used for other ceremonies as well. These altars can be antique or a stylish
reproduction of a classic Chinese altar. There are many types of chinese altar tables.
A console table with a timeless appeal has an interesting and soulful appeal. It can be used to
anchor a sofa, float a sofa, or anchor a couch. A good console table will also add intrigue to a
home’s entrance. It’s a classic foundation piece and can be used for a variety of occasions. The
traditional gong an tables have a long lean shape and minimal depth.