Royal Continental Hotel Via Partenope, 38/44, 80121 Napoli NA   —   40.8301299, 14.2476445 ( OpenStreetMapGoogle )


JanusCon will be the first edition of a new event on all things Janus!

Join us for three days of concentrated fun: learn from the Janus authors in dedicated workshops, experience what others have been doing with Janus around the world, and share your experiences with others. All in a gorgeous location by the beautiful Gulf of Naples!

Sun? Check! Blue sea? Check! Beach so close you can almost touch it? Check! A lot of interesting presentations? Check check check!

Will there be pizza, you ask? Only one way to find out!

About VoIP on the Beach But it's not all about Janus: a lot of things are happening in the VoIP and RTC worlds, so why not cast two birds with one stone? Colocated with JanusCon (and included in the price ticket, how cool are we!), we're happy to host the first edition ever of another brand new event, VoIP on the Beach!

Born out of the fertile and creative minds of a handful of Italian RTC aficionados, VoIP on the Beach aims at providing a new platform for sharing ideas and experiences on real-time communications in a relaxed and warm environment.


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